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Perennial, Eternal
The flowers were young, but fragrant.
The seasons were strange in this land. Heat, then chill and then bitter cold. In Par Vollen, the air was always warm and humid. The weather was constant and unchanging, like the Qun.
Ferelden was chaos.
Its leaders squabbled over petty things, its people tried to be something other than what they are and even the land itself was unsure of what it was. All the while, the Blight grew and no one except the Basilit-an did anything to stop it.
But the cold was giving way to warmth once more, and under snow and ice, there was life again.
This changing was unfamiliar to Sten, but not unwelcome.
He had once before stooped low to admire the wildflowers as they sprouted from the damp earth, small buds opening to the sun for the first time. Their petals were many-colored -- white, yellow, pink, orange and purple. He had picked a few of them.
The red-haired priestess had seen. She had called him “softie.” The word was foreign and unknown, bu
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Asbury in Snow by SteveGarbage Asbury in Snow :iconstevegarbage:SteveGarbage 0 0
Odyssey Into 2012 - Chapter 3 Submission
It's deja-vu.
When she opens her eyes, the puzzle pieces begin to arrange themselves. "London. The prison. Irish. Explosion. The girl."
She closes her eyes again and the visions flash across the inside of her eyelids like a screen. A small, blonde girl and her mother on the street. Older, a baby boy in her arms, her grandson. The Great War — he takes a bullet — the man behind him lives. A daughter, a grandson. The chain flies by so quickly she can barely follow it.
And then it all slows to a halt — a raven-haired woman. The details are fuzzy, the setting strange and foreign, well into a future she's not aware of. She is the end of a line that starts on this day.
Kaylin opens her eyes, scans the plaza. She can feel the clock. She runs. The house, the door. She approaches, puts her hand on the knob. Her blood pulses with heat and energy.
"Yes." She knows. She opens the door.
"Who are you?" The mother's voice. Kaylin ignores it. Her head is pounding. It's clos
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Odyssey Into 2012 - Chapter 2 Submission
Strength comes from the soul. The body is a vessel — the walls that trap the potential. The limits may be broken. The soul controls the mind, the mind controls the body. Understand this and you can understand power.
The words echo through her mind, a distant memory as the Light Train traverses the fabric of the ethereal world. Oddly familiar, yet unclear. Where? How? She can't remember.
The universe jars hard and she spills into the physical world, once again inside her body, her knees and palms touching down onto real earth.
The sea is behind her, its saline smell tempered by the cold in the air. Small tufts of browned rice plants checkerboard the landscape, blanketed by a think layer of snow. And there in the middle of it, the silhouette of a man.
The shadow is upon her. An open palm drives into her chest, the air in her lungs forced out. Her body flies backward, skipping over the surface on the water like a stone.
The memory clicks:
The limits may be broken.
Her a
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Odyssey Into 2012 - Chapter 1 Submission
The gate was slight, little more than a luminescent tear in the center of the bedroom. She reached out. Her fingers trembled and brushed the edge of the white light and she jumped back as her fingertips pierced the veil with a gentle hum.
She glanced around the room. Neon-colored throw pillows on an unmade bed. Piles of dirty clothes scattered around the floor. Tiny graphics on the bindings of romance novels on an overstuffed bookcase.
A vanity to her left, the mirror ringed with photos. She took a step with trepidation toward them. They were photos of her, she knew — some with smiling teenagers, some with older people and some with small children.
And then there was the one - a photo of her smiling and next to it a void of darkness. She blinked her eyes but still the silhouette remained. She flipped it over and penned in small, neat script in the bottom right corner:

She placed the photo carefully in her pocket and eyed the tear in the room again. She stepp
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If you are out there and are capable of drawing really sharp stuff - anyone able to produce a sexy and really clean, professional looking lineart of Quistis Trepe from FFVIII, I'd like to color it.  That is all.
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Steve Garbacz
United States
My "art" is really just whatever I do for fun. As long as I'm enjoying it, I don't care how crappy it looks.

Current Residence: Portland, Ind.
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Favourite photographer: David Lukomski
Operating System: Windows XP
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Favourite cartoon character: Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
Personal Quote: Procrastination: Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now.


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